Dinner in D.C.

The local DOC Contingent sure pulled together while we were in D.C. for JDRF Government Day.

What started out as a group of nine or ten quickly turned into sixteen or more! Every time I checked my e-mail or twitter feed, there was another person who caught wind of our plans and wanted to join in.  I had no idea so many of these folks lived close enough to meet us for dinner!

Chris and Dayle helped out BIG TIME in choosing a place to go and making (constantly changing) arrangements. We went to a place called Chevy’s, which was right across the street from where our hotel shuttle dropped us off and would pick us up later.

Picture from the far end of the dinner table

Picture stolen from Allison

I finally got to meet Miriam Tucker (I’m a huge fan).  I got to see Allison again (we share a strong “no drama” vibe).  I met Sarah (any friend of Kim‘s is a friend of mine). I met Lindsay (who totally shares a brain with Kerri, what’s not to love?), And possibly the highlight of my trip?  Getting to meet KEVIN (I am terribly jealous of his awesome beard)!!

Picture of the d-blogger table - near end

Picture stolen from Kerri

I need to talk about Kevin for a minute.  Kevin has been “off the grid” for more than two years. His blog, parenthetic (diabetic),  is best described as a dormant volcano.  Tons of raw power that you have to respect – never knowing when it might erupt into life and start spewing top-notch blog posts again.

Even being absent for so long, when I introduced him to others around the table, four out of five knew of his blog and the great stories it holds.  Plus – he bikes everywhere! I mean every. Where.  In fact, for dinner, his bicycle was locked up to a post just outside the window.

I wanted to invite it in to sit with us!  Heck – I bet Kevin could have sat on his bike, balancing no-handed, the whole time.  A beer in one hand, and a tortilla chip in the other – with his helmet and bike jacket balanced on his lap.  I don’t know.  I just think people who bike when it’s cold out are badass.  That, and his beard is awesome.

So many friends, so many laughs.  Plenty of Diet Sodapop.  Chris even managed to work some magic that allowed us to stay in the restaurant well past closing hour!

It was the perfect way to spend an evening.

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3 thoughts on “Dinner in D.C.

  1. Aw shucks.

    Thanks for the props on my (old) blog and my (imagined) bike riding skills. (Although, honestly, I don’t remember it being all that cold out — you’re from MN, aren’t you?? I’m certainly no badass).

    It may also sadden those who’ve commented on my beard (although Megan is delighted) that it is now a much more aerodynamic length now that Spring has sprung.

    I can easily say that the highlight of my week while you were in DC was getting to meet you, too. And meeting new folks and reconnecting with others from the DOC is a very close runner-up. It was inspiring, and who knows… it might lead to some sort of volcanic eruption sometime in the future. If so: You’re to blame!

  2. Didn’t Dayle and Chris totally rock at planning that night?? Those two are awesome, and I’m so glad we all got to hang out together. 🙂