Help Scott Ride the 2011 ADA Tour de Cure!

Summer of 2009. Allison came to town and we had a DOC meet-up out at the Mall of America. That was the first time I met Heather (a.k.a “Auntly H“) who blogs at “Beyond Your Peripheral Vision“.  Heather talked about her recent ADA Tour de Cure, and it sounded like a blast.  So I told her I’d ride with her team in 2010.

With her help, I got back on my bike after a decade of it sitting in the garage.  We trained, we trained some more, and we kept training.  Day of the ride?  We kicked ass.  As we approached the finish line, after riding 27 miles, I opened my big mouth again and announced that in 2011 we would tackle the 45 mile course!

As the snow finally melts away here in the Twin Cities, it’s time to get the bikes out.  I have eight weeks to get ready, and I’m looking forward to each and every ride. Well, Ok, maybe not the first couple of rides…

I Need Help

There is a minimum fund-raising goal of $150 to participate in the ride.  Last year I wrote that check myself.  It was for a diabetes related cause, and I was so proud of myself for getting back on my bike after so long.  And I was able to cover that cost last year.

This has been a tough year for the Johnson family, and I just don’t have it.

Please donate to Scott's 2011 Tour de Cure ride!

If you are willing and able, I could sure use your help this year.

$150 by June 4th will get me into the ride.

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6 thoughts on “Help Scott Ride the 2011 ADA Tour de Cure!

  1. Way to set your goals and achieve them! The most I’ve ridden is 21 miles, so you’re more than doubling my longest ride! Good luck luck training and riding in the event!

  2. seriously? of course we still want to give! i dont /cant give much and i dont give to the big players who want money.but i do to the one or the small. it feels better.
    ride on dude,ride on!

    • I am taking your (and Bernard’s) advice and am raising my goal. Who knows, right?

      For anyone else that stumbles onto this – I have reached the required minimum, so I WILL be riding. Please don’t feel obligated to donate, I know there are a LOT of different things pulling at your paychecks.

      Thank you ALL for the generous support! I’ll be thinking of each of you every time I yell “GO RED RIDER!”