The Importance of CWD Events

While in Florida for the 2011 Family Support Weekend I heard a couple of stories that really stuck with me.

For most families, coming to CWD events are very important. How important you ask?

One family was scheduling a c-section delivery of their baby, and actually planned the operation around the Friends For Life conference.

Another family had friends getting married around the same time as the Friends For Life conference. These friends knew how important the FFL event was, and called the family to talk about dates and times for their wedding. They wanted to make sure their wedding plans wouldn’t interfere with Friends for Life for the family.

Weddings and c-section baby deliveries. Those seem like pretty important things to me, and for many families the CWD Events rank right up there with them. I think that’s pretty neat.

Last year was my first year, and it was incredible. I will be back. Every year.

2011 marks an important landmark for the Friends For Life conference. This year there is a lot of energy being put into an adults with type 1 track. I know there are a bunch of bloggers heading down, and many more that wish they could make it.

Don’t let the name of the organization, Children with Diabetes, fool you into believing this conference is just for kids. It’s not just for kids!

It’s a life changing event, and I’m sure the adult crowd will agree.

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12 thoughts on “The Importance of CWD Events

  1. Wish I could make it this year, I was there for 2 days last year and it was amazing, informative and fun. Lots of useful info and it’s fun to network with parents and adults with T1.

  2. I am absolutely counting down the days!!!! I can’t even begin to explain how overjoyed I am that there will be a track for adults now. Yay!!

  3. Hi Lauren,

    It is incredibly beneficial for anyone living with type 1 diabetes, regardless of age. I got so much out of it last year, and that was without any specific adult programming.

    This year there is a whole track set up for adults with type 1. There are also many sessions for all of the teens (who have grown up into young adults).

    That was a long answer for “yes”. 🙂

  4. I have never even heard of this! It sounds so amazing! I wish I knew about this years ago!! Thank you so much for posting. I am going to try to look into going. Do you think that young adults would really benefit from this-or is it really more for kids? I see in your post you say it isn’t, but looking at the list of activities it looks like it is more for families with children…

  5. I was only there for one day last year and it totally changed my life!!!
    I’m working hard to make attending this years CWD FFL in its entirety a reality!!!
    Kelly K

    • Yay, you! Excellent! I love the arm site for both Dex and Ping. Sometimes I get myself into some lltite situations doing them myself, but mostly they turn out okay. Once in a while Anne has to come save me (usually from the sticky getting stuck to itself or some such). Anyhoo, great job K! Rock that arm site! Wheeeeeee! 😉

  6. It really is the greatest thing I’ve ever been a part of.

    I know that expenses are a HUGE deal for something like this, so I wanted to also mention the Diabetes Scholars Foundation.

    They are a 501(c)(3) organization who helps get families and young adults to conferences like these.

    Obviously, there is much more demand than can be met, but it never hurts to engage them.

    If you are in a position to HELP the Diabetes Scholars Foundation, you can donate here.

    It is my feeling that every single person living with type 1 diabetes needs to experience a Friends For Life conference. If I ever win the lottery, or am even just in a position to help make that happen, you can count on me doing so.

  7. That’s the greatest thing. I had no idea! My family was always pretty self-contained with diabetes, so I’ve never taken part in anything like that…not even local support groups. That event sounds amazing, and I hope we get to get down there one day… 🙂

  8. I hope we get to attend one of these years 🙂 I have so much fun with our local support group…can’t even imagine what it would be like at FFL! AWESOME, I’M SURE!!!!!