Ten Things I Hate About Diabetes

Logo for 2nd Annual Diabetes Blog WeekToday’s Assignment: Ten things I hate about you, Diabetes – Thursday 5/12: Having a positive attitude is important . . . but let’s face it, diabetes isn’t all sunshine and roses (or glitter and unicorns, for that matter).  So today let’s vent by listing ten things about diabetes that we hate.  Make them funny, make them sarcastic, make them serious, make them anything you want them to be!!


  1. Interruptions – I hate when I have to stop what I’m doing to deal with a diabetes related issue.
  2. Messing up plans – Life is busy.  When I have a day where I can go play basketball, only to have my bloodsugar not cooperate, it really frustrates me.
  3. Lost time – Sometimes I feel so dang tired that I can’t do anything.  There is also the time lost waiting for low blood sugars to come up, or high blood sugars to come down.
  4. Cost – Living well with diabetes is expensive.
  5. Unpredictability – Even when I do things exactly the same from day to day, diabetes doesn’t respond the same from day to day.
  6. Seeing people I care about hurting, physically and/or mentally
  7. Having to be so damn prepared for everything – my mind is always calculating “what if” scenarios.  Always.
  8. Food – diabetes has made food become something different than just food.
  9. Counting, figuring, factoring – I can’t remember three digit numbers (like a parking space) because my head is overflowing with random diabetes related numbers.
  10. Stuff that hurts – pokes, blood, stuff sticking into me, wires and cables hanging off me.  So unnatural.

On one hand, it was hard to come up with ten items.  But on the other hand, I feel like I could go on forever listing things I don’t like about diabetes.

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20 thoughts on “Ten Things I Hate About Diabetes

  1. I found this article by searching for “I hate being diabetic”. I hate feeling different, having to go to the doctor’s office ( I hate medical settings in general), being a needle cushion, having to eat regularly even if I’m not hungry at all and just want to skip a meal now and then, not being able to just get a sugary goodness whenever I want, watching new drinks and treats coming out and not being able to try as many as I would like to, injecting insulin in public (I usually try to get over with it in the car when I’m out), not being to able to do notally mundane things like waxing my legs or getting my ears pierced.

  2. I also found your list when I typed “I hate diabetes” into the google search bar. My son has had T1D for six years. I nodded at every point on your list. Thank you, it was therapeutic. We try to keep a very positive attitude about diabetes, but sometimes acknowledging reality is important too. 🙁

  3. Well as a 17 years old patient I totally catch you on there, but it’s almost like I don’t really suffer from it anymore, just once in a while I play with the thought I’m actually diabetes and yes.. it so does take mental force to freaking get over these things.

    Sue hit the nail on it’s head, people that think they know stuff about diabetes even though they don’t… although, some of them don’t have bad intentions, it still pisses me off at times.

    However, not Diabetes is a main cause of misery to my life, I’ve learned to slide it[I gotta thank the pump for making it abit easier to forget, yet I still don’t love the feeling of the wires and stuff, especially sleep with it].

    I figured when graduation party comes[in a few weeks], I’ll dare once in my life[and I’m not a type of irresponsible prick, as much as it may sound.. I’ve been always over control on it] and drink just what ever the hell I can and to hell with diabetes that night.. I just have to.

  4. I found your entry when I typed in “I hate diabetes” in Google. My son has had it since he was 3. Today I sorted out med bills that were in collections, and I’m about to go give him his Lantus injection… will have to interrupt him playing Mine Craft with friends sleeping over. My stomach turns at the thought of having to puncture him… again. This read was therapeutic in a way.

  5. Wow,I like it! I want to learn more..about Diabetes as I can share my knowledge to my friends who suffered Diabetes
    and gives hope to them how cope and live with it….

  6. Now you understand what my daughter went through all those years, especially when she was able to get a transplant but in the end could not get another one and as a result passed away after a most painful accident due to complications while driving which led to a very uncomfortable two months in ICU when her body could not endure any longer. Even when you try to stay within the boundaries it does not always cooperate. You have been doing and I applaud you but at times it really does suck!

  7. I have had T1 for 42 years and counting. I lost my twin sister from complications back 18 years ago (was just the anniversary of her passing the other day). I do agree with your note and will have to do my own, if you don’t mind me taking the idea from you. I would add I hate the people who do not know and say things that are wrong, hateful, ignorant, etc. and Type 1 is not Type2 and we can’t diet more or lose more weight or exercise more…we are stuck, our pancreases do not work….end of story – thanks for sharing..

  8. Just reading this is frustrating, just like d. I’m not a patient person (but I am a patient…). The waiting and calculating drive me nuts (or more nuts…).

  9. Scott, if I made a list, it would be very similar to yours, just a few things different. It sometimes puts me in a bad mood to sit down and write the things I most dislike about D, or D in general. I could actually list several ways in which my D has helped me. That would be a shorter list though Lol!

  10. I was just commenting on Crystal’s blog about the interruption factor and here it is again. It is a big pain in a patootie and something I never get used to. Caleb’s not a big fan either.

  11. I so know your pain. I throw a tantrum 2x a year. It’s frustrating and annoying, but we have to deal with it. And i love the crappy family members that really don’t get it. You could do everythign perfectly and crap still happens. Their ignorance amazes me. My family upsets me the most. Im not a perfect diabetic and would never claim to be but i do my best and am trying to get my levels down. I have no insurance and litereally no money, so yes the cost sucks and the companies that won’t help can go lick a fuzzy nut. Sorry it’s my bday and now i’m just venting.

    On the upside at least it’s something that is more controlable than most things. But i think that the JDRF should have more fundraisers like the mudrun and the gladiator rock n run in California and all over. Walks aren’t enough. I feel like a lot of other conditions get more attention. We should change this.

  12. #5 is really it for me…you nailed that one – Unpredictability. I have had Diabetes for 27 plus years, and no matter how well I have tried to take care of myself, I still seem to get complications – heart disease (have had bypass surgery already), kidney disease (scheduled for a transplant next month), eye issues, neuropathy…and on and and on.