What Makes the DOC Special?

What makes the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) so special?

Understanding, support, encouragement, empowerment, companionship, and love.

The Internet has been around for a while, and since the early days there have been ways to communicate about diabetes. Mailing lists, forums, online message boards, you name it, it’s been there.

But there is something different about what is happening now.

We have all worked very hard to nurture the loving and supportive environment that we are a part of.  It’s infectious.  And it’s good.

Everyone is welcome, and encouraged to come inside.  But you must leave your ego at the door.  Promise to be yourself, be honest, and do everything in your power to help others.  You’ll get back more than you can ever give, and everyone wins.

Love breeds love, even through the hardest of times.

Thank you.

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13 thoughts on “What Makes the DOC Special?

  1. Well said Scott. I am soooo glad I found you and Kerry in the beginning…it has opened doors to tons of other blogs I follow and given me more support and love than I could have ever found locally (in person!). We will all take care of the DOC. It’s a life saver!

  2. Great post, Scott. You are indeed a founder who’s made and continues to make this community the awesome place that it is. I like how you describe it’s continued evolution as something we all “nurture” and all of the energy is just so infectious. Very true, my friend. Thanks for what you do!

  3. The answer to your question…Easy…All of YOU make the DOC so very special. What a blessing you all are! The DOC even took an old grandma under their wing and taught her how to blog and tweet!!

  4. This was beautiful, Scott.

    There is something very special happening…it’s hard to put it into words.

    When I first started blogging, I figured I was just an “outsider” and not really part of “THE DOC”. I thought I didn’t belong.

    Something started changing, though, about 2 years ago. When I was willing to let down my guard a little, open my heart a little more…well…I have been overcome with love, gratitude, and friendships that couldn’t have ever been possible otherwise.

    Thank you for leaving that 1st comment long, long ago. It helped me open the door.

  5. The DOC has completely changed my life…for the better! I love knowing people like me, and being able to share my fears and joys with people who “get it”. Well said Scott! 🙂