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A Diabetes Retreat in real life, with peers

Serving young adults (ages 18-20’s), DTreat provides an opportunity for you to come together with other young adults for a 3-day program where you can talk through issues with peers and professionals — and get real-life advice.

There are discussion style support groups, workshops, and sessions geared towards life-affecting topics such as:

  • Health insurance and finances
  • Diabetes “burn-out”
  • Time management with diabetes in your life
  • Stress management
  • Partying
  • Sexuality
  • Finding the right healthcare provider and being in charge of your care
  • Nutrition and exercise in a hectic schedule

Group shot from 2009 DTreat Session

For anyone out there in this age group – head on over to the Diabetes Education & Camping Association’s (DECA) Website to register for one of the upcoming sessions (Tampa, FL – July 1-3 or Huntsville, UT – August 26-28).  Space is limited, and the cost is incredibly cheap for something like this.  Thanks to generous sponsors, the cost per person is only $50.  This covers lodging, food, and all activities.  All you need to do is get there (travel is not covered).

Why Is This Important?

If you have grown up with diabetes, the second you are kicked out of your pediatric endo’s office (or move away, go to college, etc) life with diabetes changes a whole lot.

This transition period is quick for some.  But for many, the change takes years.  You are suddenly in charge of everything.  School, work, bills, family responsibilities, and diabetes.  All of it.

This is a scary period, and there is a natural gap in diabetes care and the priority of self-care.  DECA is working hard to fill this gap through programs like DTreat.

And they need our help.

Our duty? Help spread the word.  If we can help, in any way, to make this program and organization wildly successful, many of the young adults who get lost through that transition will have a fighting chance.

I don’t know about you, but that transition period was very difficult for me.  I wish I had something like this available back then.

I will do anything and everything I can to help these people.

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4 thoughts on “I Support: DTreat & DECA

  1. This is a much-needed idea. Wish it didn’t have the same initials as the much better-known Distributive Education Clubs of America (the national high school club for would-be sales and marketing professionals).

  2. have you thought of having one of these retreats during the beginning of January?? when the college kids are all on breaks?