You Can Do This!

Here’s a quick video for the You Can Do This project.  Thank you Kim, and thank you everyone who is watching and/or contribution.

You Can Do This.

And for the record, I am so ready to shave my “faux beard”. 15 days left until I can clean it up.

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11 thoughts on “You Can Do This!

  1. this is great Scott! there is no finish line…totally. & the great part is we aren’t running this race alone! Thanks for the encouraging words friend!

  2. Awesome, as usual, Scott! You inspire me, and are one of those to whom I always look for inspiration (even WERE the inspiration for me ultimately starting my own dBlog!) in the DOC. You ROCK! 🙂 I’ll be adding my video tomorrow (if technology cooperates with me!). 🙂 (dHugs)