Diabetes Warrior: Be Your Own Knight in Shining Armor

Cover image of Diabetes Warrior by William "Lee" DuboisThere are some talented authors that are simply a pleasure to read.

William “Lee” Dubois is one such author.

I feel lucky to have him speaking, through his great books, about some of the medical perspectives of life with diabetes.  He is a brilliant non-doctor-doctor who’s life path has taken him through many interesting jobs, finally dropping him off at a poor diabetes clinic in New Mexico so he can do what he is meant to do.

Wil has many gifts, and one that we are lucky to witness is his ability to understand some very complicated aspects of diabetes and then translate it into easily understood “normal people talk”.  Not only can he translate, but he does it in an entertaining way.

He makes it fun to learn about taking care of your diabetes.

In his latest gift to the world, he continues to bless us with knowledge and direction camouflaged in humor and metaphor.   I love it.

Opening the book with a dedication to the Diabetes Online Community, then doing a little bit of follow up from “Taming the Tiger: Your first year with diabetes“,  Wil jumps right into an order from the King.  Go forth and slay the Dragon Diabetes.

Piece by piece, Wil covers all aspects of a knight’s arsenal (weapons, armor, steeds, squires, sundials, and catapults) and how they are used to battle the diabetes dragon.  Each chapter covers a different tool, and each chapter ends with a short and simple point to remember or thing to ask your doctor about on your next visit.

It is another short, small, “pocket” book.  Something you can easily read in an afternoon, and something you can quickly refer back to as needed.

Striking a perfect balance between staying general enough to not overwhelm you and getting detailed enough to actually educate you and motivate you, this book is perfect for anyone living with diabetes.  Those that have been recently diagnosed, start with the Tiger book and follow up with this one.  Veterans of diabetes – you’ll learn a lot from both books, in either order.

You can order Diabetes Warrior on Kindle today, and pre-orders for the paper copy can be placed today. Orders are expected to go out early in September.

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