Confessions: Late Night Low

Sweet Dreams

It was not about the safest, smartest, most precise way to treat this low. This was all about what would be more fun to eat.

One of my greatest struggles is low blood sugars and the strong urges that come with them. The lows at night are the hardest. Low blood sugars are medical events that should be treated as such with medicine (glucose tabs, etc). Not Reese’s Puffs cereal.

But I can’t often separate the medical event I’m in from the primal urge to eat food. Especially when I’ve been avoiding treats and the like.

During this low I observed my brain evaluating options and settling stubbornly on which option would bring my taste buds the most pleasure. I felt powerless to assert my will on the situation.

Maybe that is because it’s 12:54 AM.

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9 thoughts on “Confessions: Late Night Low

  1. I am so glad I read this after I went grocery shopping and not before. I know what I would have bought! My excuse for over treating the middle of the night lows is I am worried that I will fall back asleep before my BS comes up. Sounds logical to me.

  2. Those night-Lows are the worst! I’m the same way, Scott – can’t stop myself from eating way more than needed to treat because of the simple desire to NOT be Low when going to sleep. Usually have quick-acting, and then just get impatient and eat cereal or toast or whatever is around…. That is a great choice of cereals, if I might say so. 🙂

  3. Ugh on the low. I do love the choice though, I LOVE that cereal! It’s a struggle, but look at you, evaluating and recognizing that that is where you are. For that I applaud you Scott. Hugs my friend.

  4. Thanks for the chuckle Scott,

    We have no more kids at home, so no more fun foods in my cabinets anymore 🙁 I usually do try to find a more funner (bad grammar but I like saying it) food usually “forbidden” (because I’m middle aged, not because of my Diabetes) as the treatment of first choice. “Yippee a Low, must eat!”

    I think of Gluclose Tabs as the easily carried treatment that doesn’t melt or freeze. Or the lazy treatment when my brain finds it hard to think of something “fun” to eat. I did not know I should think of Tabs as first treatment. Was that the Gluclose Tab manufacturers idea?

    Speaking of Tabs I like that someone cared about “our” health and now makes an all natural, non-GMO tab “Glucolift.” Decidedly more expensive but, I am glad to have a choice. Especially since some days it seems I consume many Tabs!

  5. This made me laugh out loud, because I have Reese’s puffs measured into 15g servings and put into baggies and small containers for my daughter to treat her lows. They actually seem to work really well (especially for a kid who absolutely refuses to eat glucose tablets).

  6. I agree, those lows in the middle of the night are the worst for doing a number on your self control. Those are the ones I tend to over-treat too. I also have a problem with lows at the grocery store. The other day I made it all the way through the store with only healthy foods in my cart, until a blood sugar in the 50s talking me into circling back to the candy isle. Sigh.

  7. I hate lows at night! For me I have to fight to make myself eat something but then once I do I’m ready to eat the house down x2 . What makes it even more fun is having 2 d’s in the house being a single mom. Nothing worse than stumbling around at 2am with a 32 trying to treat myself while my child is the only one here should the worst happen…or even more scary when we both somehow manage to have low’s t the same time.

    Enjoy your cereal, sometimes you gota do what you gota do 🙂