ADA Expo 2011 & D-Meetups

Mari & Heather
Mari & Heather

The 2011 ADA Expo came through Minneapolis a couple of weekends ago.  Unfortunately, not much changes with the vendors from year to year.  Diabetes is a slow business, ya know?

But when I heard that Mari Ruddy would be there, I knew I had to go.  As an added bonus, my friend (and road trip buddy) Heather was also going to be there.

I also enjoy seeing friends that I used to work with at Cozmo.  The diabetes business world is pretty small, and many of the highly talented folks landed with companies in the expo hall somewhere.

It was a good morning, and worth braving the crazed crowd and Rascal scooters.  It’s amazing to me how nutty people start to act when there are free giveaways nearby.  I swear I saw a group of old ladies mud wrestling for a free light-up pen…

The rest of the weekend was spent visiting with some new friends from out of town, and some local d-peeps that I spend time with whenever possible.  Richard, a Joslin medalist with over 66 years of type 1 diabetes under his belt, came to town, as well as Lloyd, a neat guy living with type 2 diabetes.

Image of Kathy, Scott, & Richard
Kathy, Scott, Richard
Part of the Group
Coffee & Company (and sodapop!)
Lloyd, Kathy, & Scott
Lloyd, Kathy, & Scott

And finally, ‘The Pocket…”  This is one of my best d-buddies around town, and I freaking LOVE this guy.  We were teasing him about his pocket, and its ability to hold everything in the world.  I asked him if I could take a picture of it and put it on the internet.  He agreed, loaded it up with MORE stuff, and asked me to obscure his identity. Haha!

Picture of my friend with his shirt pocket completely overflowing
"The Pocket"

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