December Dawn Phenom – Insulindependence

Picture of everyone lined up on spinning style stationary bikes at Lifetime Fitness

Spinning class in action!

I spent Sunday afternoon sweating it out with the local Insulindependence regional group.

Insulindependence is all about helping people, of all ages and fitness levels, be active with diabetes.

It’s a great mission!  Would your life with diabetes be different if you had a group of people around and available that were very educated about diabetes and exercise?

Last month we went for a walk (or run, for those who do that crazy stuff).  This month was spinning at Lifetime Fitness.  I am not a member of Lifetime Fitness, but the people at the front desk knew about the meeting and were very helpful about directing me to where I needed to go (past the salon, the full-service cafe, and next to the TWO indoor running/walking tracks).

Spinning can be pretty intense, but it’s totally relative to your level of fitness.  You control the resistance of the bike and how fast you go, so you can go at your own pace.  The goal is to push yourself past comfortable and make some fitness progress.

Insulindependence is all about just getting active, so you don’t have to be a super athlete in order to get involved.  The other thing that I am enjoying is exposure to different activities.  There are plans to do some strength training, to try snowshoeing, to experience climbing; all with a group of people who know and understand diabetes and exercise.

It was a great time, a great workout, and just plain good to hang with other people living with diabetes.  I’m hooked on Insulindependence events, and will make it to any and every meeting they have nearby.

It would be great to see you there too – or to hear about you attending an event in your area (they do this stuff nationwide).  Let’s get moving!

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5 thoughts on “December Dawn Phenom – Insulindependence

  1. Scott – the insulindependence folks are great. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the founder of the group-Pete Neurothin since they are based here in San Diego. The other day I was walking out of a local restaurant when I noticed a guy with an orange-capped syringe tucked behind his ear, baseball cap on too. I walked up and said “Type 1?” He looked at me, smiling, and I realized it was Pete from insulindependence. I love our little diabetes calling cards that give us away, and Pete’s “insulin to go” just cracked me up. Keep up the good work in the gym! Looks like you’re having some fun while trying new activities!