Clipboard on a Lanyard?

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[…] a mobile app.  Both are decent, if yet a little rough around the edges.  Certainly better than my clipboard, even right out of the gate, and I have a feeling that both will evolve and add features over […]


Log books are difficult to use consistently, I have done best using a pocket size weekly calendar for BS, and diabetes info and notes – although it is mostly for my use as my doctor downloads my devices for data


clipyard! hilar! and dude, that is one badass ringtone too.


Oh Scott, you are the Bomb!
That video was great. I don’t keep logs anymore there is just too much to keep track of.


Use Telcare’s Wireless Blood Glucose Meter. It automatically sends your test results to a secure database. You and the people who support you—healthcare providers, family, anyone you choose—can view the information anytime.


Interesting timing Catherine – I just received a review model of the meter and will be giving it a try over the next few days. I’ll write up a post with my thoughts on it.