Unfortunate Timing: Motor Error

I really do like the Medtronic System so far.  It’s just unfortunate that I haven’t taken the time to write about the positives before experiencing another negative.

For the past couple of years, I have been blessed to serve with Kerri on the faculty of the CWD Friends for Life conference.  To add another layer of blessing, I was able to bring my family down a little early for some fun at the Disney World parks.

Space Rangers
My son and I, professional Space Rangers

I spent most of Monday exploring Magic Kingdom with my family.  It was crazy hot, and we did a crazy amount of walking, and my blood sugars were all over the place.  Probably had everything to do with all of the walking, the heat, the food, and basically not having any real clue how to manage.

I was also thrown off a bit by the Medtronic sensor not tracking real well today.  Overall, I’ve been pleasantly surprised, but today just wasn’t a great day.  Dehydration probably played a role.

Back home, I’ve also been wearing my Dexcom 7+, just because I’m curious how they compare.  I’m not doing any scientific tracking or comparing, just going by general observations.  So far, they’ve been pretty spot on.  When one of them is off, they both are off, leading me to think there’s more to this whole CGM thing (in general) than I probably think.

Preparing to travel, I felt that wearing both devices was just too much work, so I left the other CGM system at home.

Near the end of the night, my family and I were having dinner and enjoying Sunny Eclipse at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe when my pump alarmed.

I went through the steps of rewinding and reloading my reservoir, running a self-test, and delivering the rest of my bolus (this happened during a meal bolus).

We started the journey back to the hotel (take the train to the tram to the car to the hotel), and about two hours later I was on the phone with Medtronic’s support line.  I was pleased to connect with a live person right away (no answering service or on-call stuff), and the representative was very knowledgeable and helpful.

We went through a bunch of troubleshooting and everything seemed fine, but because I’ve received multiple motor errors on this pump, they are replacing it.  When the rep asked if the pump had been exposed to any strong magnetic fields or anything similar, I had visions of all of the rides I spent the day playing on.

I have no idea how many of those used magnetic magic to work, but I suppose it shouldn’t be discounted as a possibility.  Have any of you had issues with your pumps at theme parks?

I also want to mention that this is still the same pump that got caught in my ceiling fan a while back.

I should receive the replacement pump sometime on Thursday morning (with Wednesday being a holiday, everything is delayed by a day).  Officially I have been instructed to move my insulin therapy to a backup plan until the new pump arrives.

Don’t worry, I am a prepared PWD. Thanks to my pack-rat tendencies, I have more backup plans to pick from than choices of diet sodapop at a fountain drink machine.

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