The Cavemen Who Survived

I attended a local support group where the speaker was Joe Nelson, a local psychologist who used to blog with Diabetes Self Management.  I’ve always liked Joe and enjoyed the chance to hear him speak again.

"A hunter attacking a brown bear."
“A hunter attacking a brown bear.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He said something that really hit me.  He talked about being ancestors of the cavemen who survived.  The cavemen who survived were always on the lookout for the bad stuff.  They were constantly preparing for and anticipating, the worst case scenarios.  Everyone else (the happy-go-lucky cavemen) got eaten! We’ve inherited all of the negative genes! That means we have to work harder to see the positive.

I got a kick out of that idea.

I’m traveling for most of the upcoming week.  Attending a Roche Social Media Summit (Roche is paying for travel, lodging, and meals for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday), then staying for the AADE conference representing DSMA Live (on my own dime for the rest of the week).  I’ll be missing my basketball sessions, but Kerri promised that we’ll positive-peer-pressure each other into hitting the hotel fitness center as often as we can.

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