Diabetes Stole My Day

468 mg/dl +/- 20%Well, not the whole day.

Just the past five hours.

Do you have any idea how much work I planned on doing in those five hours?

A lot.

Any guesses on how much I actually got done?

Not much.

I’m blaming diabetes.

I was looking forward to a productive afternoon. Then I goofed something up for my post-basketball lunch.

By the time I got home I was already feeling the drag of a high blood sugar.  But I was surprised by just how high it was (460’ish mg/dl).   I don’t know about you guys, but once I hit a certain level of high, my blood sugar gets really stubborn.  An insulin sensitivity calculation for 200 mg/dl doesn’t work as well for 400 mg/dl.  (Anyone know the science behind that?  Why does it work that way?)

It takes a long time to recover from a high blood sugar.

I couldn’t focus on anything, couldn’t find words I was looking for inside my head, couldn’t keep my eyes open.

I just kept watching the clock slide around and around, and worried about all of the work I was supposed to be doing.

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Nancy Quinn (@nancyquinn)
Scott – Found your blog via @sixuntilme and have added you to my reader. Sorry to hear that you have had a rough couple of days this month! I too had a low I couldn’t correct on Christmas Eve, although it was 2004. Caught be by total surprise – and let me tell you I was surprised to see four men I didn’t know in my bedroom when I came around! Didn’t end up taking the ambulance trip, but it was scary. Thankfully, this is the only time in my 21 years with diabetes that I couldn’t correct a low… Read more »

I’m right there with you, my bg gets stubborn above 280 ish. It takes way way forever to come down and having the patience and not over bolusing is nearly impossible.


I hate days like that. When I’m just sitting at my desk at work .. with so much to do and just can’t seem to concentrate hard enough to actually GET it done. :/


I blame diabetes, AND, those wicked gingerbread men who make there way into my kitchen at Christmastime……
(hope you are feeling better soon)


I definitely can relate!!!! There are few things more annoying than diabetes throwing a majorly out-of-range number that completely wrecks your productivity. 🙁 And yes, those high highs always need some extra insulin to wrangle down for me too – which makes it really hard not to over-correct and then end up with a time-sucking low. Thanks for sharing something I think we all can relate to, and here’s hoping diabetes stays quiet for a while so you can catch up.