Diabetes Hope Conference – The Backstory


I am excited to share some background on the upcoming Diabetes Hope Conference. Where did the idea come from? What do we hope to accomplish? Who’s behind this thing?

We hope we’ve answered most of those questions – ‘About the Conference.’

“We thought that this lack of hope should change. We thought that someone should take up the mantle of hope and at a minimum, start creating hope by getting people to talk about complications like DPN. By talking about it amongst each other, with members of the medical community and yes, even with the pharmaceutical companies that supply the devices and medications for people with diabetes, we can share knowledge. And it is our belief that knowledge is the first step towards hope.”

It’s just another example of why I love working with these guys.

I appreciate all of the help the community has given in helping us spread the word.

If you haven’t signed up yet – it’s not too late!

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5 thoughts on “Diabetes Hope Conference – The Backstory

  1. Hi Scott,
    Am excited to be tuning in! Being in New Zealand mean we don’t get a lot of access to conferences and the like. I’m planning on a breakfast date with a friend which includes bacon, eggs and coffee. It starts at 5am NZ time so perfect reason for a cooked breakfast!

  2. Scott, thanks again for all you’ve done to coordinate this and make it happen. Such a need, and reading that background took me back to the virtual chat I was a part of. Yes, so often that lack of hope is present and sometimes it seems just talking about “these big bad D-complications” feels like it can erase whatever success we’ve been having in our D-Lives. Especially when we start experiencing any complications, it feels as though we’ve failed and the hope is gone. So, thank you thank you thank you for getting the conversation going. Looking forward to it.

  3. I signed up without really knowing anything about it so thanks for posting this…I’m looking forward to next week! I don’t really know anything about DPN so it will be good to be a part of the conversation. 🙂