Powering Through with Diabetes

Steve Richert

This is my friend Steve. He climbs stuff. Like walls, boulders, mountains, and pretty much whatever he can find that is climbable. I met him in person for the first time at the Roche Summit in 2012 and liked him just as much as I thought I would.

He was in the middle of  ‘Project 365‘ where he was climbing every single day for 365 consecutive days.  So naturally, on a day chock full of meetings, I was curious about how he managed to fit in a climb while in the middle of downtown Indianapolis. Want to know what he did? He climbed about 30-feet up a brick wall in an alley downtown. Absolutely crazy, but super fantastic, right?

Steve is a great example of powering through the extraordinary. Power Through the Extraordinary is a program put together through the folks at Accu-Chek and Duracell, who are excited to announce that a partnership that will put Duracell batteries in all of the Accu-Chek Nano meters.

But you know what’s even more powerful? Examples that you can relate to. That’s where I come in, and why I was excited to participate in this program. I can’t quite relate to climbing almost 80k feet over 365 days. Inspiring? Absolutely. But in a pretty abstract way. I can’t really picture myself doing something like that. Steve is totally badass, right?

I can picture myself learning a new exercise and sharing my journey with you as part of this program. I’m on a mission to incorporate running into my exercise arsenal this season.

I think that exercising with diabetes is incredibly hard, very scary, and often so intimidating that we just decide not to do it. It’s my opinion that simply exercising with diabetes is extraordinary. I also believe that if I can do it, so can you.

**Disclosure: By participating in this program Accu-Chek will provide an Accu-Check Nano meter and test strips for a month, and P&G/Duracell will provide a heart rate monitor to aid in my training. I have agreed to post a few times talking about my experiences through the end of June. 

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10 thoughts on “Powering Through with Diabetes

  1. Run Scott Run. Or if you prefer – See Scott Run.
    Steve clearly is total badass and a wonderful roll model for my kids and everyone with diabetes.

    Hope you post about your progress. You got this. Just remember to wear your shorts.

  2. Scott, my ambition for 2013 is to get get my knees replaced, and then learn to walk all over again!! LOL!!

    Run a few miles for me, ok?

  3. Excellent post, Scott, and you are, indeed, an inspiration. I’m looking forward to following your journey. Give it hell!

  4. Hey, congrats! I am back into running this summer after a hiatus over winter and I love it! Careful with the sugars, I have had big issues with lows (since going on the pump) after runs. You will be frustrated for the first bit, cause your body needs to adjust, but I am no expert haha. I love running and I hope you will, too and I wish you luck in your journey!

  5. You phrased exercise with diabetes perfectly-“incredibly hard, very scary, and often so intimidating that we just decide not to do it” I felt that way my whole life until just recently starting to work out and despite the scariness (it never goes away fro me) it’s so rewarding-keep up the good work!

  6. First, congrats Scott! Very cool. I must say, however: My feelings are a little two-fold here. See, you inspire me to exercise. As I’m just now getting into the whole biking aspect of my exercising and keep telling myself that running or basketball is next, I had to say “Oh shit, what’s next,” when reading this… I may leave this one to you and stick with my bicycle training before and after the upcoming Tour race… 🙂 Anyhow, this is great. You’re an inspiration, my friend. Can’t wait to read how that whole climbing experience treats you!