The Friend for Life Award


I received this award last month while at CWD’s 2013 Friends for Life conference in Orlando.

That moment easily falls in with some of the most memorable of my life; getting married, witnessing the births of my kids, the many joyful moments of watching them grow.

Looking at the list of people who have received this award in years past makes me feel incredibly humbled and totally awestruck. People like Harold Sanco (2012), Drs. Ben Szirth & Khadija Shahid (2011), Felicia Kaban (2010), Audrey Greenfield & David Harlan (2009),  Betty Brackenridge & Francine Kaufman (2008), Richard Rubin (2007), Dean Kamen & Al Mann (2006).

To think that my name is now on that list absolutely blows my mind.

To make the moment even more special, I was able to share it with my dear friend, colleague, and source of much inspiration, Kerri Sparling.


She and I have worked very hard to help bring the adults with type 1 track to the FFL conferences, but our work would be nothing without the support of everyone out there in the community. Whether you’ve been able to participate in the conferences or not, you have all been so supportive of this, and it shows.

The adults with type 1 track is growing at an absolutely incredible pace, and I’m so happy to be along for the ride.

This award also recognizes the sacrifices, dedication, and work we have put into sharing so much of ourselves in the diabetes online community. Which again, reflects right back towards how incredible the community itself is. You all make it possible, comfortable, and downright therapeutic most of the time.

I know this is hanging on my wall right now, but when I look at it I think of the incredible community that surrounds us.

Thank you.

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I wish I could have been there to high five you afterwards, and maybe share a soda pop!



They definitely gave it to the right pair of people this year. You’ve both done so much to help build the DOC. Thanks and congrats!

Laura K.

Heartfelt congratulations to both you & Kerri! Honored to know you… sincerely!


awesomeness !
congratulations to you, Scott and Kerri


Congrats Scott!