Does the FDA Understand Diabetes?

The FDA would like to gain a better understanding of specific diseases.

Over the next five years they plan to conduct at least twenty patient meetings on a wide variety of diseases such as sickle cell, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, narcolepsy, and a handful more. But diabetes isn’t on the list… yet.

I don’t get it… Do they feel they understand diabetes well enough already?

DiaTribe, one of my absolute favorite organizations ever, has started an online petition to make the FDA aware of our desire for diabetes to be on the list (arguably, it should already be on the list). There are nearly 4,000 signatures as of now, but it’s missing yours.



Big thanks to Strip Safely for the awesome graphic.

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5 thoughts on “Does the FDA Understand Diabetes?

  1. Glad you are sharing this too! I am doing my best to get that last 730 signatures and I have posted it in every Diabetic Facebook support group I am in which is over 5000 people easily!