Slipstream in the US! Oh Yeah Baby!

It’s my honor (or “honour” as they might say up north… is that a bad Canadian joke?) to present a guest post by Jen Hansen from Connected in Motion!

What is the special occasion? Slipstream is coming to the United States, October 25-27, 2013! I’m so excited!

In 2009, I attended my very first Slipstream event. In fact, it was the very first Slipstream event. Hosted by Connected in Motion, a Canadian-based Charity focused on creating community for adults with Type 1 diabetes and using physical activity and outdoor adventure as a forum, Slipstream weekends have become a staple in my own sanity as a Type 1. It is the place where I can totally relax where having diabetes is both the focus and the very last thing you are thinking about. It is a second home, no matter where the geographical location. It brings together a community that somehow becomes instantly tight-knit, caring and supportive a community that understands all of those ‘little things’ that can really get to you as a Type 1.


The Slipstream is more than just a weekend event it is the very philosophy upon which Connected in Motion and the Type 1 community here in Canada has been built upon.

Connected in Motion creates a ‘slipstream’ for people living with diabetes.

slip•stream\slip-strēm\ noun:

  1. the airstream generating reduced air pressure and forward suction directly behind a rapidly moving person with diabetes
  2. to ride in the slipstream of a fast-moving person with diabetes
  3. the momentum that fuels Connected in Motion


Something incredibly unique about Slipstreams is that they are formed by those who ride along in it. Although the CIM Team has been a driving force of the Slipstream, guiding it as its momentum builds, one of the coolest things to see has been the power it can generate and the energy it builds through the community who chose to make it their own. Each Slipstream forms its own unique culture and begins to take its own direction as it grows and that is something that, as we have seen, knows no borders.

The CIM Team, in partnership with Riding on Insulin and with the support of Insulindependence, are excited to bring the energy of the Slipstream to the Pacific Northwest in October. This will be the first time that the Slipstream has traveled outside of Canada and we are so excited to see where it will take us in the future.

If you are an adult (18+) and living with Type 1 diabetes, I would like to formally invite you to join the Slipstream at YMCA Camp Orkila, just north of Seattle, October 25 – 27, 2013. We will have the chance to connect with one another, share our experiences, challenges and success stories, and pick up a tip or two for living a life with Type 1, without limits. All the while experiencing the outdoor adventures that the facility has to offer, including testing the waters sea kayaking, pushing our limits on the challenges course, and enjoying the beautiful west coast hiking trails.  For more information and to register, CLICK HERE.

In the meantime, keep in touch with the CIM Facebook Page or Twitter, and check out some previous Slipstream experiences on our YouTube Channel.

See you in the Slipstream!

Thank you, Jen! You are awesome, as is the whole Connected in Motion crew, and all of you dedicated Slipstream enthusiasts! I love that these are coming to the US, and I love that these groups are collaborating to make it happen.

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