Diabetes Won’t Stop Me

I’m a big fan of the folks at Jerry the Bear, and my love and support for Kim and her work is almost as true and strong as my love for Diet Coke. When they came up with this idea, I couldn’t wait to add my contribution!

I can’t wait to see the other videos and pictures.

The rest of my World Diabetes Day is packed with fun activities as well!

As this post is published, I’ll be arriving at the gym to complete my last scheduled training run for the Insulindependence Philadelphia Weekend. I’m really proud of myself for following this training plan. I’ve completed every single assignment without fail except for falling 5 minutes short on one run because of a low blood sugar. I’m writing that one off as close enough.

After completing my 30-minute run (and my first #BigBlueTest of the day) I’m hoping to enjoy some basketball (and another #BigBlueTest or two). I can’t say enough about how much better I feel on the basketball court because of the running I’ve been doing. That alone is enough motivation to keep me running for at least 30 minutes a day a few times each week.

Once I get home I’ll be joining the Diabetes Hands Foundation staff for an action packed World Diabetes Day Living Room Workout (and another #BigBlueTest) LIVE on TuDiabetes.org! Check it out!


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Such a great video Scott! Your family continues to rock!


Great Video Scott.

Bernard Farrell

Excellent video Scott, I grinned the whole time I was watching it.


hey scott! sorry for the late catch up but i must say its an inspiring video. i would like to share with you that we organized 50th mega diabetes camp on WDD and it goes very well. The camp included free consultation for diabetes, blood sugar estimation, free medications for diagnosed diabetes. A huge gathering of patients of different age group benefitted from the camp.


Your video is so great! I said “awww” at the kiss and laughed out loud at the hand clap on the head. =)