“I See Donations In Your Future…”

It has been over six years since I first joined TuDiabetes.

To this day they are still one of the very first resources I mention when people are looking for information about a specific subject, product, problem, or just aren’t quite sure where to start with this whole online diabetes thing.

Why? Because TuDiabetes is a large and active community made up of people much like you and I who have a healthy mix of questions and answers, experiences and opinions.

It’s a special place to me.

While blogs will probably always be my home and first place I turn to with my free time, I will always have a lot of love and support for TuDiabetes and the team who keep it running.

Let’s not forget that TuDiabetes is just one small piece of the many incredible things that the Diabetes Hands Foundation does for the diabetes community.

DHF needs your help to keep doing the great work that it does. Please do what you can, and help spread the word. Plus you can see Manny learning to dance!

It's kind of weird having Manny rub my head looking for answers every time we see each other... (photo credit: Sara)

It’s kind of weird having Manny rub my head looking for answers every time we see each other… (photo credit: Sara)

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3 thoughts on ““I See Donations In Your Future…”

  1. Scott, I had been posting for a couple of years when TD came on the scene. I distinctly remember emailing you and asking why one should “join” another organization.
    TD is my home. I love Manny and the gang. They, live you, have extended incredibly acts of kindness, and I have a lot of dear friends that I’ve met through TD.
    The picture is priceless. xoxoxoxox