A Fun Read, with Diabetes! “GOOD LIKE THIS”

good-like-this-coverOpening a new book and finding it easy to read is a treat. It takes a lot of skill and talent to put words together in a way that’s easy on the brain and doesn’t cause fatigue. Using those words to put together a good story is a special talent all of its own. Put those talents together and you have a good author.

Good authors write books that are fun to read. If GOOD LIKE THIS is any indication, Peter Arpesella, who has lived with type 1 diabetes since age 7, is off to a great start.

GOOD LIKE THIS is a fiction book that follows a successful business man as he navigates a bunch of challenges in life. Part of his struggle is his relationship with type 1 diabetes and how it fits into everything else he has going on: a struggling marriage, parenting a young child, a demanding career, and a longing for the speedy legs of his younger days.

In many ways the things he wrestles with are exactly what you and I wrestle with, which made the story very easy to relate to. In other ways his lifestyle is so next-level that the situations were unbelievable, which gave the story a sense of adventure and excitement.

Scott's Amazon Review for GOOD LIKE THIS by Peter Arpesella

It’s easy for me to give a glowing review for a book I had such a good time reading.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of GOOD LIKE THIS for review. I was not asked to write about it or mention it on any social media channels.

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