I Support: Dr. Korey Hood – Boston Marathon for JDRF

Dr. Korey Hood is one of my favorite people. He training to run the 2014 Boston Marathon (!!) with Team JDRF on April 21st, and could use some help.

I love Korey because he’s a great guy, and he has dedicated his life to helping us with the hardest part of living with diabetes – the part that happens between our ears.

As a practicing staff psychologist and associate professor at UCSF’s Madison Clinic for Pediatric Diabetes, his work today is all about helping with kids with diabetes and their families to improve outcomes and overall quality of life.

His diagnosis story fascinates me. Korey was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a young adult. He was in graduate school at the time, studying for his Ph.D. in clinical and health psychology and had just decided to work in diabetes.

I have the pleasure and honor of working with Korey regularly as faculty at CWD’s Friends for Life conferences and have grown tremendously as a result of knowing him. He’s been known to make Kerri cry on sight, and I once saw him with an infusion set in his bicep. Totally badass.

Let’s see if we can kick his fundraising up a notch (and spread the word).



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