Diabetes, Complications, and Hope – Let’s Talk About It

Announcing the 2nd Annual Diabetes Hope Conference!

I’m very happy to announce the return of the Diabetes Hope Conference!

We have another amazing lineup of panelists (some returning, some new), with what we hope (no pun intended) are topics that you feel are worth participating in.

Dr. John E. Anderson - Headshot
Dr. John Anderson

This year we have a very special opportunity to present questions from the community to Dr. John Anderson, Immediate Past President, Medicine & Science of the American Diabetes Association.

I hope you’ll submit your questions, and invite your friends (and readers) to do the same. This should be a really fun session, with questions being presented by Christel and Karen.

In addition to Dr. Anderson’s participation, we’ll be exploring the value of blogging in chronic illness with Pamela (co-author of groundbreaking research on chronic pain/illness and blogging), Kerri, and Mike, and discussing patient/doctor relationships with Dr. Jen and George.

We’re also very excited to add the ability to tune in with your mobile device (smartphone or tablet), and thank our sponsor, Metanx, for that additional capability.

The first year really seemed to resonate with people, and sparked some really great conversations, both during the event, and long afterward.

We hope this year is twice as good.

The Diabetes Hope Conference is happening on Tuesday, May 20, 2014, from Noon – 3:00 pm Eastern Time (USA). Registration is completely free, and you can tune in from anywhere.

If you’re in the sharing mood, I’d love your help in spreading the word. We’re using #dHopeConf as the hashtag on Twitter, and have some simple graphics you can download and use if you’d like.

Want to know how this all got started? Check out the backstory.

Disclosure: I have an existing business relationship with Pamlab (Metanx), sponsors of the 2013 & 2014 Diabetes Hope Conference.


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