Too Good to be True?

Have you ever had a CGM line so flat and steady that you’ve wondered if it’s tracking right?
Or am I the only one whose BG’s fly around so much that this type of stability is surprising…

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I love those moments! It’s not about showing off or bragging about it. Only T1’s understand…

Sandy Brooks

Hey Scott!! When I see a flat line on Dex, I first am shocked & then I think, Is it working!!!! I test and make sure it’s accurate, then I do the happy dance!! Kind of like u at FFL!!!

It was great meeting you!! Thanks for being so welcoming and kind!!!! Have a great week!!


good job, Scott ! …. isn’t it funny that type 1’ers think that flat lining is a positive, encouraging term ?

Tracy G.

Agreed. Usually when it does I check my blood sugar constantly because I can’t believe it’s stayed stable for so long, but when it does, it feels good.


Yay for flat (CGM!) lines!! I used to have a lot of nice flat-ish lines when I wore the CGM. Sadly though, I think it was because I would do ANYTHING to NOT see mountains! Sheesh, this makes me think I need to wear the CGM again just so I make better choices!!