It’s About To Go Down

I was surprised by a really high blood sugar (280 mg/dl) at lunch today after an awesome afternoon on the basketball court. I took what I needed for my meal, and to correct for the high, and knew I’d have to keep an eye on things for the next couple of hours.

Back at home, and only about an hour after eating, I’m surprised to see 121 mg/dl and dropping on my CGM. Slightly worried, and wondering if my CGM is confused I do a BG test.

As soon as I see the number (110 mg/dl) I hear Kevin Hart in my head.


Still full from lunch, I scarfed down a bowl of cereal and a cosmic brownie. I’m now coasting at 95 mg/dl and holding steady.

Why did I freak out with such a “perfect” blood sugar? 121 mg/dl is great, right? So is 110 mg/dl, and 95 mg/dl, right?

It all depends.

Those numbers are NOT at all great when I have a large lunch bolus on board that’s just beginning to hit its peak (well, maybe if I had pre-bolused or did something else fancy, it would be different).

When I see a number like that so soon after a meal it means there is a nasty low blood sugar right around the corner and I need to take action right now.

It’s another great story about how a “great” number can mean so many different things depending on the situation.

And here’s more Kevin Hart because he makes me laugh. Caution: Just a little bit of language here. If you’re the sensitive type, just skip it.


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8 thoughts on “It’s About To Go Down

  1. Thanks for the post, Scott. You are right on point — that context is so important. I’ve learned a lot from your past posts about being supercharged post-exercise and often see these same trends signaling I’m on the verge of going Low. Just another example of how it’s not as easy as doing 1 thing and getting a specific result; it’s a never-ending cycle we always have to be thinking about.

  2. The other night I didn’t spike after dinner, and I was freaking out watching my Dex stay at 90 with a flat line, just waiting for the down arrow to come and ruin my night. I totally understand.

  3. Oh do I know the feeling! So many times, my wife catches me popping a couple glucose tabs and she asks the seemingly-rhetorical question “are you low?” To which I give the unexpected reply “No… but I will be”.

  4. Thanks for a Friday evening chuckle. I keep my “cool factor” in the senior citizen community because of all of the videos, iPhone tricks, and other stuff that you teach me. And yeah, BG numbers are only meaningful in context….