Patient Network Live Chat – THANK YOU, FDA!

Patient Network Live Chat - Diabetes and Glucose Monitoring Devices

Helene Clayton-Jeter, Courtney Lias, and Bennet Dunlap

About four months ago the FDA’s Office of Health and Constituent Affairs hosted an extremely informative Patient Network Live Chat with FDA Expert Courtney Lias and Patient Advocate Bennet Dunlap. If you missed the live event, there is a recording online you can watch. iOS users, it’s a Flash site…sorry.

This is well worth your time to watch if you want to know more about the FDA and its role in blood glucose meter and test strip regulation, specifically the FDA’s new proposed guidelines and what standards blood glucose meters should have to meet before the FDA clears them for sale.

I’d like to express a huge “THANK YOU” to the FDA for hosting this extremely informative chat and making it available for the diabetes patient community. This is a really big deal and I very much appreciate it. Thank you!

And yes, I totally meant to get this posted a long time ago… better late than never, right?

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Thanks for posting this and bringing it to everyone’s attention! Sorry I didn’t get around to reading it until today. Check!


Always better late than never (I think the FDA would agree here)! Thanks for posting this, “Scoot” #dblogcheck


Always better late than never!

I actually watched this live…Bennet really cleans up nicely!

Heather Gabel

Thank you for the link, Scott! You’re awesome!

Stacey D.

Thank you for always sharing valuable information with us Scott! 🙂 #dblogcheck