Scott’s Old School Low Treatment

I spent Saturday helping to clean out dad’s garage. We found an old tackle box with some low BG supplies inside. 🙂

These don’t have dates on them, but they are at least twenty-five years old. At least.

Fruit Roll-Ups
Fruit Roll-Ups

Back in the day we didn’t have glucose tabs. In fact, I remember baggies of sugar cubes and tubes of cake frosting being the go-to tools of camp counselors. Pocketable? Not really.

For as long as I can remember, I’d have two Fruit Roll-Ups in my back pocket at all times. Flattened to death before long, but still worth 12g of carbs.

Peel from cellophane before eating, yo.

I’ll Read it For You…

Are you on the move? Let me read this to you…


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