Scott’s Sweepstakes – Great Low Carb Bread Company

Do you enjoy a low carb lifestyle? If so, you might like the Great Low Carb Bread Company. I’m not familiar with many of the low carb products on the market, so I can’t offer much useful information about how these products compare to others. But the samples I received were tasty, even for me (someone who usually eats regular carb products).

Of the products I tried, the everything bagels were my favorite, the lemon cake square were my least favorite, and the breads were somewhere in-between.

I didn’t do any rigid scientific experiments, but from casual observation my blood sugars seemed to agree with the labeled carb content (I bolused for the carb count and didn’t experience any surprise lows or highs).

I don’t normally buy these types of products, so I can’t tell you where they fall on the affordability scale or if they are a good value. I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have experience here.

In the meantime, how about some free stuff? 🙂

The folks at the Great Low Carb Bread Company have offered a nice package of goodies for one winner (one loaf of bread, one package of bagels, and 2 brownies, muffins, or squares)!

Spread the word for more chances to win! And please let us know if you’ve tried any of these before!

Good luck!

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2 thoughts on “Scott’s Sweepstakes – Great Low Carb Bread Company

  1. Scott – thanks so much for your blog. I always enjoy reading it and check in frequently. Thanks for the info. about the low carb bread – I have been in search of one for a while!