PERL Study – Early Treatment for Diabetic Kidney Disease

I am a believer in participating in clinical research.

It is an important part of medical progress, and if it weren’t for clinical research, we would be in pretty poor company when it comes to choices and options for the products and medicines we use to manage our diabetes.

I have received some of the best medical care of my life through clinical studies

For example, some years ago I had an opportunity to participate in a study at the University of Minnesota called the RASS Study. The study included two actual kidney biopsies, one at the start, and one at completion, five years later.

Can you imagine the peace of mind when Dr. Mauer told me my kidneys look great even after so many years with diabetes? Sign me up, all day, every day.

Participation is Key

I believe there is a misconception about clinical research. I think that people hear those words and get a little scared. They think that there is a lot of risk involved, and that they will be putting themselves in harm by participating.

Yes. There is some risk involved. There is always risk involved. But studies done at reputable institutions, like what you’ll find through, are designed with safety first on the list. Nobody wins if a volunteer is harmed during a trial.

And there are many benefits to participation.

  • Feeling of contributing to advancement of medicine and medical science.
  • Advanced and intensive medical care and screening, unlike anything you’d typically get through your normal doctor.
  • Early access to medications that may be beneficial (you have to weigh the risks here, as they may be unknown).
  • Free medication during the course of the study.
  • Sometimes even payment for participation.

PERL Study

Dr. Michael Mauer
Dr. Michael Mauer

Dr. Michael Mauer (University of Minnesota Medical School), and Dr. Alessandro Doria (Harvard Medical School & Joslin Diabetes Center) and their teams have asked for help in spreading the word about the PERL Study (Preventing Early Renal Loss in Diabetes). It’s a 3 year study and they are looking for about 480 people with type 1 diabetes to enroll. Candidates should be showing early signs of decreased kidney function on either blood or urine tests.

This is the only trial that is looking at early treatment options for diabetic kidney disease, which is very exciting.

Diabetic kidney disease continues to be, by far, the most significant cause of kidney failure in the USA. Slowing early progression could provide many years of additional good health. — Dr. Michael Mauer, University of MN

There are study centers in most areas of the Unites States and Canada, and travel costs will be paid for eligible participants. Please see the PERL Study website to learn more and find out if you might qualify.

PERL Study

Please spread the word if you might know someone who may be interested.

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