Loving People and A Compulsion to Share

I love this quote from conductor Leonard Bernstein. I don’t mean to trivialize his brilliant words by saying I feel the same about the diabetes online community.

“The original energizing motor that makes me compose is the urge to communicate — and to communicate with as many people as possible. Because what I love about the world and life is people, I like them as much as I like music, if not more. I love people, and I have a compulsion to share with people what I feel, what I know, what I think.” — Leonard Bernstein, Conductor, New York Philharmonic

Leonard Bernstein

Photo: Allan Warren, (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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2 thoughts on “Loving People and A Compulsion to Share

  1. Think that’s a great quote that applies to so much in life, and I think
    it certainly does apply to the DOC. Connecting with others is why so
    many of us got into this community at the start, and I think at the end
    of the day — no matter whether we’re sharing our own story, spreading
    word about cool products or ideas, or just helping tell others’ stories
    — it all comes back to connecting and communicating with those we
    connect with. Thanks for sharing this, and for making me take a step
    back into my college days where musical history was one of those fun,
    soul-enriching topics to ponder.