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diaTribe is one of my favorite organizations. The quantity of high-quality work that comes out of their office blows me away.

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There are two articles from a recent mailing that I want to share that focus on diabetes and kidney disease/kidney health.

Bringing Metformin to More Patients

diaTribe article from Kelly Close about metformin

In this article Kelly Close talks about new research published showing metformin is safe to use for many more people, especially those who are restricted because of kidney function.

Her article also mentions additional research on possible benefits of metformin use in other populations, including an interesting JDRF funded study on metformin & type 1 diabetes.

I take metformin and I’m excited¬†to see interest in learning more about its benefit in type 1 diabetes.

PERL Study

diaTribe PERL StudyI’m happy to see the PERL study getting more attention, and I appreciate diaTribe¬†spreading the word.

I’m a fan of Dr. Michael Mauer,¬†co-principal investigator, because of his care for me during a previous study (RASS), and would love to see he and Dr. Alessandro Doria (co-principal investigator) meet their recruitment goals quickly.

Bigger Picture

One of my favorite things about diaTribe is context.

With a great understanding of the overall diabetes picture, the diaTribe team is able to explain what a win for the PERL study means for us.

In this case, Leda & Alex talk about a couple of things that go beyond study outcomes, specifically the innovative approach using remote study locations and how future diabetes research funding may be affected.

Please read¬†diaTribe’s¬†article¬†to learn more.

Thank you, diaTribe!



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