Diabetes Safety, Quality, and Access – Do You Care?

Diabetes advocacy can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. You have friends who want to make it easy. Easy for you to learn about what’s going on, and even easier for you to let lawmakers and government agencies know how you feel (it’s a few clicks).

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“Who is DPAC? You are. I am. We all are.” — Christel Marchand Aprigliano at ThePerfectD.com

You don’t have to figure out who your government representatives are or how to contact them. It’s all figured out for you. You don’t have to spend all day reading over proposed legislation and policy all day. DPAC does that for you and boils it down to key points.

You can quickly see current issues, decide which issues are important to you, and with a few clicks of your mouse, you’ve just raised your voice as an advocate.

Why another new organization?

Great question. Just like you, I’m also sometimes overwhelmed by all of the different groups and organizations. Why do we need DPAC for this stuff? Don’t we already have some great advocacy groups?

Yep. We do. And each organization has a mission. But, sometimes the mission and the issue being addressed don’t align, or sometimes the particular non-profit status of the organization prevents them from taking a position.

As Christel describes it in her post:

DPAC is pro-diabetes, pro-existing organizations, pro-getting our diabetes voices heard by policymakers – and that’s the sole focus.  Where there is already a movement […], DPAC adds to the swell. Where an issue is not being given the spotlight, DPAC will shine the light. DPAC doesn’t want to re-invent the wheel; they want the wheel to go faster and gather steam.

DPAC is a special type of non-profit that allows it to be a non-profit organization AND act on specific legislature. This combination is magical for us because it allows DPAC to make it easy for us to advocate.

I am a fan

I am a fan of collaboration. I am a fan of assistance interpreting issues that move through this space. I am a fan of having an easy way to let my lawmakers and government officials know how I feel about those issues, and what I need from them. And I am a fan of having an organization guiding me through this space, yet always allowing me to make my own decisions.

Thank you

Christel and Bennet have been leading the charge to bring this vision to reality, and I’m very excited that it’s here.

Thanks, guys!

Now, what?

Take a moment to register with DPAC. It’s free, it’s simple, it’s easy. Then you’ll be able to browse active issues in your area of choice (safety, quality, access (all!)), and also send some messages if you find something you feel passionate about.

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