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I love this moment in Living Vertical’s Project 365 film, a short documentary where Steve Richert takes his type 1 diabetes on a nation-wide climbing journey for an entire year.

Black and white image of Steve under the hood of his broken down car, while a semi zooms by in the other direction with a sign that says "on the road to success there are no shortcuts."
On the road to success, there are no shortcuts

Steve and his wife Stefanie sold everything they owned, packed their lives into a little red car, and on Steve’s 13th diagnosis anniversary, he started driving across the country and climbing for 365 days in a row. For diabetes.

This film takes us on their journey, with Steve narrating the lessons learned, sacrifices made, defeats suffered, setbacks overcome, fears conquered and dreams realized.

I loved it, and I think you’ll enjoy it, whether you’re into climbing or not.

Steve is an incredible guy and has a lot of great resources at Living Vertical. He’s also been doing a fun podcast if you’re into listening to cool diabetes stuff.

Living Vertical Podcast Logo


In addition, Steve is the Special Projects Manager at Glu, which is another great website and resource you should know about.

Steve (and Stefanie), thank you for all of the incredible sacrifices made along the way. Most of us can’t begin to know how hard it has been, but I hope you guys know how much it means to us. You’re leaving a legacy, my friends, and the world is a better place because of what you’re doing. You’ll always have my love, appreciation, and support.

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