39 years of living well with diabetes – celebrate with me!

Today is another special day for me!

Thanks for joining me on this little celebration hike that I’m doing today. It’s a pretty big day for me!

I am celebrating 39 years living well with diabetes, and I thought what better way to do that than to get out for a little hike. There are all these awesome trails that couldn’t be more than five minutes away from my house. So, I got the day off work, I dropped my daughter off at her job, I have a little time to myself, so I’m gonna get out and enjoy the day a little bit!

Celebrating diaversaries

Why on earth would anyone celebrate the day they were diagnosed with diabetes? Sounds crazy, right? And I don’t know if celebrating is quite the right word, but taking some time to acknowledge all of the hard work that I do to take care myself, all of the times that diabetes kicks me in the teeth where I get knocked down, and then fight my way back up again.

That’s what makes us special. We somehow figure a way to fight back and get back up again and keep going. And I encourage all of us to pat ourselves on the back more often to recognize that we do amazing things every day with diabetes!

Yet we normalize it like it’s no big deal. But it IS a big deal, and we should celebrate all that work that we do! And if there’s no other time that we do that, make it your diaversary! And if you don’t know the day, celebrate the whole month! Or pick a week! Or something! But celebrate yourself. Celebrate the work you do with diabetes because it’s special and it’s unusual and no one else around you has to do that – and you deserve celebration.

So 39 years ago, on April 26th, 1980, I was diagnosed with diabetes. And you know what, I’m doing great. In fact, I’m doing better now than I’ve done in a long time. And that’s pretty great. All of you have a lot to do with that, and I’m so grateful.

Life is something to enjoy, what a blessing to be able to get out here and enjoy something like this on such a special day. Thanks for sharing the day with me.

Celebrate yourself, you deserve it.

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14 thoughts on “39 years of living well with diabetes – celebrate with me!

  1. Hi Scott, Great job and thoughts and prayers to continue a successful path.
    Now, Have you notified Eli Lily and Joslin for consideration of their medal programs. Joslin has established 50 year, 75 year, and 80 year recognition metals. The Lily program has awards for 10 year, 25 years, 50 years and a 75 year award for our management of our T1D. Looking forward to your post when you reach 50 years as a T1D. Keep up the great work and as always have a great day. Dan

  2. Damn it you are catching up with me again. OK, OK, I will show you I will live at least until June 21, 2019 when I will get my 45th year. Then the balance will be restored and once again I will be 6 years ahead. You knwo I am very competitive and coming in second is tough for this old fart. 🙂

    Happy Diaversary Scott,

    I wish you many many more.

  3. Best of luck and best of health to you, my friend. I’ve followed your adventures over the years and applaud your hard work and diligence … and especially the way you honestly share your journey and inspire others.

    I blog about my life, too, except it’s more of a day-to-day journal (with plenty of humor thrown in) of my losing battle with diabetes and other health issues affecting my life now, particularly congestive heart failure. I’m older than you (almost 68), bedridden, at home under hospice care and facing probably the last year of my life. If you ever want to check it out, the link is: http://howdygram2.blogspot.com .

    • Hi Marcy! I’ve also followed YOUR adventures over the years (though I admit I can’t keep up these days as much as I’d like to or used to, please accept my apologies for that). There’s so much power in your everyday stories and journaling, and it’s so brave of you to share. Thank you for that. And who knows the comfort, smiles, and compassionate togetherness you’re providing to those who stop by.

  4. Hi Scott, I like this article about diaverseries. Short, sweet and to the point! Congrats on your 39’th!
    I will have my 74’th in September. I’m looking forward to my 75 year medal in Sept, 2020.