I am actively looking for work (1099 contract/project basis or otherwise), and am interested in exploring opportunities to help your organization.

I am passionate about helping people with diabetes and interested in continuing my employment in the diabetes arena by leveraging life experiences, technical skills, and communication abilities to represent an organization dedicated to making a difference for people with diabetes. An ideal position would involve a lot of interaction with end users, as well as communication channels with the product development, marketing and communication, and research and development areas of the organization.

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in April of 1980. I bring over 30 years of experience with diabetes from a patient’s perspective. I spent four years working at Smiths Medical supporting and selling the Cozmo Insulin Pump before Smiths pulled the plug on the diabetes division.

I have been involved with diabetes blogging since the start. One of the first 5 diabetes bloggers, and the first male type 1 diabetes blogger, I have watched the diabetes online community explode and become one of the largest and most active online patient communities.

My life experience with diabetes, diabetes related social media, and diabetes related medical devices presents an attractive suite of attributes for many organizations.

I am actively working to bring the support of social media and online communities to more people living with diabetes, and raising awareness of companies and programs doing good things for patients living with chronic illness. It’s all about serving others and finding a way to keep the lights on at home while doing so.

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