Hoping you can join us for the pilot episode of “Diabetic Radio”, on KDWA.com (AM 1460 on the dial in the Twin Cities Metro Area (listen live)), Tuesday, January 17,  at 11:05 AM.

Mike with a diabetes medical alert symbol on one arm, and (see other arm) on the other.You guys remember Mikey, right?  Mikey makes his living driving race cars and fixing engines.  When the snow flies, and he can’t race cars, he’s all about snowmobiles.  For a long time he has been doing regular talk shows about both at KDWA, a local AM station near his home and not too far from the Twin Cities area.

A while back Mike said that the station owner, Dan, who lives with type 2 diabetes, was interested in doing a show all about diabetes, and asked me if I’d be interested.  “Of course!” I said!  Who could pass up an opportunity to check out the inside of a radio station?

In the online community we have often talked about reaching those who need help, but maybe don’t know about the online community.  I think this is a great opportunity to spread some real information about diabetes, and hopefully reach an audience that could use some help.

If the show is well received, we’ll do it on a regular basis.  I’ll gladly volunteer a couple hours of my time whenever they need it.

We’ll be doing the show live tomorrow, and then it will be re-broadcast periodically through the month.  I don’t have any details on the rebroadcast schedule.  I’m also not sure if I’ll have access to the recording.  If I do, I’ll gladly get it posted for those who are interested.

We are hoping to cover some of the basics tomorrow, talking about the differences between type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes, the guilt and shame stigma that many people feel, that there is no “BAD” diabetes (i.e., one type is worse than the other), and hopefully we’ll have time to talk about the tools used to manage diabetes (meters, diet & exercise, oral meds, insulins (types and delivery methods), CGMs, etc.

If you do listen, I would love your feedback.  I think this is an important opportunity to help people, so any thoughts on how we can make it better will be much appreciated.

Catch you on the air (hehe – that sounds pretty cool)!

**** UPDATE *****

Had a lot of fun on the show this morning!  I hope it was well received by the listeners, and if we’re lucky they’ll invite us back sometime soon.  I should be getting a recording in the near future and will get it online as soon as I can.  Thanks everyone!

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  • http://zazamataz.com Zazzy

    What about podcasting it?

    • http://www.scottsdiabetes.com/ Scott K. Johnson

      Hi Zazzy!

      So great to hear from you!

      I didn’t see any information about podcasts on the station website. I’ll try to get some additional information if I can while I’m there tomorrow.

    • http://www.scottsdiabetes.com/ Scott K. Johnson

      Hi Zazzy! Found out that I can get a recording of it soon (they have to get it onto a CD and then get it to me). I’ll post it once I get my hands on it.


      • http://zazamataz.com Zazzy

        Yay! And Scott, I’m always here reading, I just don’t have a lot to say lately.

  • http://diabetesaliciousness.blogspot.com/ k2


  • http://kathy4762.blogspot.com Minnesota Nice

    I have yoga during that time.
    You know, I’ve met Mikey twice and never noticed his tattoo.
    Good luck with the adventure!!!

  • http://www.scentangels.com minnesotaAnn

    Sure hope you can share the recording, neither Sue, Brody, Lily nor I could get the station live and we are not allowed to listen via our work computers… Boo, hiss

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