1 Mile for Diabetes

On October 9, 2013 By

While in San Diego for the Insulindependence event I met Doug Masiuk (@1RunAmerica) in person. I had heard of him, something about a crazy guy with type 1 diabetes who ran across the United States last year.  He [...]

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This post is long overdue. There are rumors of an actual trophy headed my way, and I was waiting for it to arrive before writing this. Maybe the engraver misspelled something and they had to start from scratch? It IS made out of the blood, sweat, and tears of exercising PWD’s, you know…

Well worth [...]

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I have been having so much fun working with the guys (and gals) at mySugr. They’ve been keeping me way more than busy, and I’m thrilled to say they’ve officially adopted me into their monsterpack.

It’s [...]

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Five spots open for free driving clinic specially designed for teens with diabetes (and their learner’s permit)! It’s happening in Tinley Park, IL next weekend (October 5th, 2013), and it looks awesome. Do you see some of the hot rods in these pictures? I’d love to get behind the wheel!

Can you help spread [...]

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I am a fan of all things diaTribe. They are good people doing great work for those of us with diabetes. If you’re not already subscribed to their mailing list, I highly recommend it. Their publications come out monthly, and contain [...]

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16 Days to Go Beyond

On September 17, 2013 By

While Steve and I were fierce (not really) competitors during the award contest, I’m a huge fan of him and all he’s doing (we actually bumped into each other at the arrival airport and hugged it out).

I’ve written about him and his work [...]

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Join me in Philly for the Insulindepence Philadephia Weekend (11/15 – 11/17)!

From their website:

Event Overview |
Our goal at the Philadelphia Weekend is to bring the active diabetes community together – in person – to partake in learning opportunities, camaraderie, and a variety of race distances [...]

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The FDA would like to gain a better understanding of specific diseases.

Over the next five years they plan to conduct at least twenty patient meetings on a wide variety of diseases such as sickle cell, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, narcolepsy, and a handful more. But [...]

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There are many amazing things about going to a Friends for Life conference, but one of my absolute favorites is having a chance to interact with people you’d never dream of meeting otherwise. As an example, years ago and only a day or two into my very first [...]

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I received this award last month while at CWD’s 2013 Friends for Life conference in Orlando.

That moment easily falls in with some of the most memorable of my life; getting married, witnessing the births of my kids, the many joyful [...]

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