Courtesy of the “Wayback Machine“, I bring you the very first entry I made in my online diabetes journal.  This was back on February 28, 2000.  Far before Blogger made things easy, and I had to write the entries in HTML.  The journal is no longer available, but thanks to the wonderful tools available [...]

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This week I had to come back to work after two weeks of wonderful vacation around the holidays.

We got the kids a couple nice things for Christmas without going into debt, which is awesome, but left us very broke for the remainder of our time off.  We couldn’t afford to travel, or even do [...]

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I Love Meetups

On January 3, 2009 By

I was scanning through blog posts on Tuesday night, and saw that Lili was in town for a day or two!  I quickly commented to her blog post and asked if she wanted to get together.

I didn’t know if she would get my comment (we all know how things get when traveling), [...]

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I think many of you saw the great contest that Amy Tenderich put together over at Diabetes Mine™, the “DiabetesMine™ Holiday Survival Sweepstakes“. Amy did an incredible job of pulling together some really valuable prizes, and we all really enjoyed giving so much stuff away. In total she gave away more than $2500 in [...]

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I seriously cannot believe that 2008 is gone already.  Where the heck did all that time go?  I mean, an entire year?!  Really!??!!

Alright, game time.  I feel that I have all the physical tools to do better with my diabetes management.  I need to get my mental stuff on the right track though, and [...]

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I had (am having?) a great holiday season. 

It is a bit hard during the holidays (I think it is for anyone who has lost someone), but overall I’m feeling good. 

I have been eating a TON of EVERYTHING though.  A ton.  Of everything.

My blood sugars have been alright, and [...]

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For a good cause, and because I have a soft spot for all parents with little ones living with diabetes, I want you to take a quick peak at Friday’s Wall Blank’s print.

From Jenn at Wall Blank:

“We have just launched Wall Blank (
where we put a new [...]

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Nope, not that kind, the other neuropathy.

We are taught to fear peripheral neuropathy, the kind that can cause us problems with our extremities.  But I had never heard of autonomic neuropathy before digging into some other diabetes literature long after my diagnosis.

One of my favorite bloggers, Lee Ann Thill at The [...]

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As soon as the e-mail arrived I started to grin.  An image was attached.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but my day would be one smile less if Bernard was not around to amuse me.

Bernard – you rock man!  Does anyone NOT know who that is [...]

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I’m sleeping GREAT!!

On December 2, 2008 By

A while back I posted about going in for a sleep study.  I recently went in for my follow up visit to get the results.

I was floored to hear that I was waking myself up almost 47 times per hour (46.9 to be exact), and would stop breathing altogether for up to [...]

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