Plate of penne pastaI have a couple small kids in the house – and anyone that spends any time with small kids knows that they never eat anything you cook for them, but will eat anything you have on YOUR plate.

We don’t often have the family sit down dinners. We will often eat together, but we all kind of do our own thing. I’ll cook what I want, my wife will cook something for her and the kids. I know, kind of weird, but that’s the way it is most of the time.

This sometimes presents an interesting situation for me.

When I’m in a groove, and really watching my diabetes, I actually go through the painstaking steps of measuring and weighing my food, counting every little gram of carbs & calories. I don’t pay too much attention to the condiments, as they don’t (normally) affect my blood sugar much, but for the main foods, I measure and weigh very carefully.

I use all that information to calculate & deliver the amount of insulin I need to take to cover the meal and keep my blood sugars normal.

What will sometimes happen, is my little 2-year-old daughter will climb on my lap and start asking me for the food I’m eating. I can’t refuse to give her my food – there’s just something not right about refusing to share your food with a growing child.

There goes the measurements!! She’s started to dig into my plate and eat the stuff I just measured and calculated.

The problem comes when you remember that I’ve already taken my insulin, and will go low later if I don’t compensate for the missing food.

But how do you quantify the amount of food your little girl nibbled off your plate and how much you’ve already eaten? I don’t have a photographic memory, and once I’m done measuring and weighing and all that fun stuff, I just want to sit down and eat, not think about how much of my portion have I eaten and what’s left on my plate…

Usually not a very big deal – just another “thing” I sometimes deal with.

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Scott K. Johnson

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