Insulin Pumps do exactly what YOU tell them to

two clocks showing day and nightI’m in the all exciting state of Minnesota, and believe it or not, the snow has all melted and temperatures are starting to warm up.

We recently adjusted our clocks for daylight saving time, you know, spring ahead/fall back type of thing.

I made sure to adjust the time on my pump, moving it ahead an hour. I adjusted it sometime on Sunday (I think). This may not be a big deal, but I do run a slightly higher basal rate from 3am to 11am to offset the dawn phenomenon.

I woke up this morning with a higher than usual blood sugar (279 mg/dl). I didn’t think much of it, just kind of wrote it off to miscalculating carbs last night or something.

At precisely 9am my pump started alerting me, with my 9pm alarm! Doh!

I goofed up when adjusting the time on my pump, and was off my 12 hours (the AM/PM setting).

Well, that explains the high bg in the morning! These things are machines, and do exactly what you tell them to!

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2 thoughts on “Insulin Pumps do exactly what YOU tell them to

  1. I don’t know whether to post this under this post or the one where you left your pump at the gym 🙂 This morning I FORGOT to bolus for my breakfast. Tra la la, munch munch, 48 grams of carbs, mmm. No insulin.

    I didn’t figure it out until I hit 340 a couple of hours later. Lucky for me, I’m still a honeymoon girl making some of my own insulin. Nevertheless, I am sleeeeepy and nauseated. Ugh. Down to 286 after a most boisterous correction.

    How do you FORGET to take a life-saving medication? I guess the same way you forget a piece of life-saving equipment at the gym 🙂 And yeah, the little gizmos do EXACTLY what we tell em to…

  2. Hi Scott, Glad to see you back… I’m so glad you Minnesotans are seeing springtime, too~my extended family lives there and it’s always a huge event when the world finally thaws out. Take care, Martha