Is 30 To Young?

Drawing of a heartAm I too young to be concerned about heart problems?

With long-term diabetes it is said that you are at higher risk for heart problems. I think the statistics are somewhere around 6 to 10 times higher risk than a non-diabetic person. Add in my excellent (NOT!) dietary habits and the fact that I’m still a good 40 pounds overweight and I bet it’s even higher.

I’ve never smoked and I don’t drink, so I’ve got that going for me. I try to get regular exercise, but it seems to go in spurts in regards to consistency. I’ll do good for a couple of months, then something comes up and I fall out of my routine for a while.

I’ve heard that often times people with diabetes that do experience a heart attack say the symptoms were very mild and hard to notice. That scares me.

I asked one of the RN’s that I work with if I’m too young to worry about all this, and she thought that I was. However she did offer a suggestion that made me feel better. She suggested that I ask my endo if I am a good candidate for a cardiology workup.

I think that sounds like an excellent idea, and I happen to have an appointment with him in about a month.

Thanks for listening!

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2 thoughts on “Is 30 To Young?

  1. Scott,
      Check your blood pressure on your right arm then the left arm… The bigger the difference, the bigger the problem… Wait a week and check it again… The silent killer won’t sneak up on you…