Happy D-Blog Day!!!

dblogdayThe folks at Diabetes Talkfest as well as everyone in the Diabetes OC have declared this D-Blog Day!

Both wonderful sites that will lead you on a wild and crazy ride around the internet reading of many things diabetes related.

I’ve been finding it hard to find time to post much lately – things at work have been keeping me VERY busy (you know that whole “more work to do than hours in the day” thing?)!

But, I wanted to participate in this event, even if it’s a small contribution.

To all my fellow bloggers – I do regularly read and enjoy your posts. I don’t always have time to comment, but I am out there and sharing your experiences with you. Diabetes can drive you nuts sometimes, but I must say that I get a great deal of “warm fuzzy” from all of your posts. Keep it up!!

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3 thoughts on “Happy D-Blog Day!!!

  1. Woohoo! More plugs for the new Diabetes OC website! My work not done in vain!! Yay!!!

    Ok, someone needs to remove my exclamation mark key.