Some days are good, some days are …

6:20pm CST, blood sugar is 286. I thought that you all might get a kick out of the fact that this is the first reading since this morning that I have been under 300.

Now don’t freak out – I know why this is happening. Bad day, bad eating. Wait, that’s not the term to use – “unwise eating” is more PC (politically correct).

I woke up at a great number, mid eighties. I was due for a set change, so I did, then had a very (un)healthy McDonald’s breakfast. Couple hours later I was high 300’s (expected after such a crap breakfast, ESPECIALLY on a brand new set). Still lots of juice (insulin) on board. Another couple of hours later I was in the low 300’s. Still a fair amount of juice kicking through the system.

An emotional face painted on a brick wall in BellfastWe had a funeral today for my grandfathers brother. Kind of far removed in terms of relatives, but still someone who was around a lot at the cabin and other family things. We grew up with his grandkids and stuff. Funerals are tough in general, but this was also the first funeral we’ve had since my mom passed in April. My dad, little sis & I all had a very hard time with this. It was tough.

So when that was done I went and got a some flowers for my moms grave and sat there for a bit.

After all that emotion I went and got some lunch. LeeAnn Chin’s. I ate a lot there too. I am aware that I’ve got some behavioral eating issues, but today was just not the day to deal with that aspect of it. All in all, between breakfast and lunch I would bet that I have eaten *easily* 3500+ calories. So what’s for dinner?

Anyways – the preached and practiced “high BG protocol” that we are supposed to follow doesn’t really apply because there are legitimate known reasons for my BG’s running high today. It’s not that I didn’t dose right, or count, or TRY to keep my BG’s down, but rather I have eaten a bunch of very high fat foods that play games with the best of us! So, I’m giving it some time to work through me. I also know that historically I have problems with unusual timing and complex foods on a brand new infusion set. I also know that when I get really high like that, it’s a battle to get it back down. Other things can also make me insulin resistant, such as emotions (check!), stress (check!), high fat meal (check once & check twice!).

I’ll be all better by tomorrow morning, and no, I don’t freak out about running high for so long. Granted, I don’t WANT to run high, or TRY to run high, but when things like this happen I just deal with them. I don’t panic about all the damage that may be happening, etc. I’ve got some thoughts about that whole thing that I’ll post soon.

Catch you next time!

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One thought on “Some days are good, some days are …

  1. Scott,
    I really can relate to your situation; especially this particular post. Even though bad days can often be made worse by poor eating, lack of diabetes care, etc., those are the days when it is hardest to muster up the discipline, and state of mind to make those good choices. But in the grand scheme of things it is only 1 day. It helps to hear that other people struggling with the same sorts of things that I struggle with. Wait that sounded kind of mean, I only meant it’s nice to know I am not the only one 🙂
    check out my blog at