My BG Thinks I Should Have Stayed In Bed This Morning

MolassesI’m having a rough morning, and I’d like nothing better than to crawl into a corner somewhere and close my eyes for a few minutes.

My blood sugar is REALLY high right now. My blood feels as thick as molasses and I’m so very sleepy.

I had a low last night which I apparently over treated. Those are the hardest – the ones that wake you up. It’s like you are already in a panic state from the low, but you’ve also just been pulled out of a nice warm bed and some restful sleep! I didn’t freak out and eat everything – I had three Oreos, a cup of milk and the edges of a Pop Tart that my kids had eaten the middle out of. It was the damn Pop Tart that did it. I would have been Ok with the Oreos & milk alone. Those Pop Tarts are deadly – ever looked at the carb/calorie content of those?!

Anyways, I woke up this morning at 243 and took a correction bolus for it. I got up, got ready and left for work. Maybe my body freaked out from the cold (minus 7 here in Minneapolis) – when I got to work I was 334! I was surprised by that, especially because I had corrected for that high when I woke up. I should have been on my way down, not almost 100 points UP!

For breakfast I got a plain bagel with cream cheese and some diet pop (without caffeine). And of all mornings to forget to bolus, this was the morning I picked. Nice.

Feeling incredibly sleepy an hour later I checked my BG. 409. Yuck.

This would be a good day to have just stayed in bed! It’s that time of year where I’m just watching the calendar waiting for my vacation time to renew on the 1st. I tell you, if I had any paid days off to use, it would have been used for sure! I can’t concentrate on anything. It takes like 3 attempts to dial the number I’m trying to dial. It’s like everything is disconnected. My brain is about a second ahead of my reflexes and my eyes just want to close and catch a few seconds of sleep.

I hope to be back on track around lunchtime, but that seems like a LONG TIME AWAY. My dad & his dad have a skill where they can sleep sitting up. Maybe I’ll practice that a bit this morning.

In other news, things have been good. Even though my last few posts have been downers, I have been feeling good. Things are headed in the right direction.

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