Special Delivery!

I got my delivery of Girl Scout Cookies today!!

And for the record, one sleeve of Thin Mints is 90 grams of carbs and 700 calories.

Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies

I’ve been trying to give them away all day, but I must admit that a fair number have found their way into my mouth…

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14 thoughts on “Special Delivery!

  1. Theresa, I think we all would value any constructive feedback you have regarding the things discussed here. Feel free to comment any time the mood strikes you.

  2. Shannon,

    Thank you for saying that I should start a blog, but I have no plans to do that. I just started reading diabetes blogs a few weeks ago and Scott’s blog was the first one I came across.

    Scott, I really like your blog because you actually share your feelings and the struggles of having type 1 diabetes. I have read other type 1 blogs and although they are interesting, they don’t always focus on diabetes or the blog is not kept up with every week.

    I don’t mind posting some things here once in awhile, if Scott does not mind, but I don’t think I will be doing my own blog.

  3. I think Theresa should start a blog. To be in the 5% range for years is incredible. I’d like to learn more about her approach to management as well.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to write Theresa.

    Yes, I suppose it is possible that I would just replace the thin mint cookies with something else. It has been much less frequently though, and I am making progress. I am not going to try to move mountains in a day though.

    I picture the thin mints as not a big deal because they were purchased to help the daughter of a friend of mine, and I only got 2 boxes. I’ve given all but 12 away, so it’s not an issue anymore. At least not with the thin mints. Could this just be some mechanism I’ve come up with to justify it? Maybe – and I’m keeping that in mind as well.

    Your comments and questions don’t make me angry – I just don’t have the time to respond to every single comment to every post. In fact, I didn’t respond to any comments in that post.

    I do appreciate you giving a little more information about yourself here. It’s helpful to know where this stuff comes from.

    Your A1C sounds great. I’m very interested to hear more about your story – how did you get from where I am to where you are now? What was the secret to your success?

    I know that you comment with the intentions of helping. It takes time and energy to read and comment, and I do appreciate it. I apologize if I gave the impression that it rubs me the wrong way – I certainly didn’t intend to.

    So, please keep reading and commenting. You & Wil will whip me into shape in no time!

  5. But it is a big problem area for you. Here is what you said in your blog on 02/14,

    “I think for many of us, we know the truth, but may not be willing to face the truth. I think this is certainly the case for me in looking at my (lack of) “Nutritional Habits”. . . I know that the way I eat is probably the core problem with my diabetes struggles. I have known this for a long time.”

    The 12 cookies is just part of this. You are making excuses, “It’s just once a year.” Really? Isn’t the truth that it is almost every day. You would just replace the thin mints with some other refined sugary high fat carbohydrate.

    I am not saying this to be mean to you. Although, I get the feeling that my questions make you angry. When I asked you the other day why you were waiting until 03/01 to start the aerobic challenge, you ignored me.

    I understand what you are going through. You remind me of myself several years ago. I have had type 1 diabetes for 40 years. I have been where you currently are and I don’t do it any more.

    So I did not eat any thin mint cookies although they were selling them outside the grocery store. I am not saying that I don’t ever eat cookies or other things with sugar, but only in small amounts as part of my carbo count. I would have eaten 2 or 3 thin mints.

    BTW, my A1C last week was 5.4 and they have been in the 5% range for years.

    Like I said, I am not saying these things to be mean to you. I have great concern for you.

  6. I didn’t look at payoffs vs. deprivation in this scenario, because I don’t feel it’s a big problem area.

    It happens once a year, and I’m not too worried about it.

    How many Thin Mint cookies do you typically eat? I guess I don’t consider 12 cookies all that terrible. It could certainly be much worse.

  7. Before you decided to eat 12 cookies, did you consider looking at the payoff vs. deprivation in this situation? If no, why not?

  8. Plus you have all that nice landscape to mountain bike in! It looked just beautiful in those pictures.

    I didn’t really eat the whole sleeve. I managed to give almost half of it away, then did polish off the other 3 servings (12 cookies) over the course of 4 hours or so. Not all at once.

    You are correct in your assesment though – I go all out with stuff like that. It’s troublesome sometimes – especially when you think about how it’s so easy to go all out with stuff like that, but I’m usually half-assing my control. You know – knowing or thinking about what to do, then not following through on it.

    That’s what my Put It Into Practice stuff is all about. Actually DOING something with this stuff.

    I appreciate your feedback though – especially the honesty with which you comment. It often helps me to take a step back and look at things in a different light. Very helpful.

  9. Yum! Girl Scout Cookies! Well that’s the good thing about living in the middle of no where, I never get a visit from the little darlings in Green.

    A whole sleeve, huh? Scott, you really don’t believe in doing anything…what’s the word I’m looking for…

    Not half-assed, hmmmmm…well we’ll just say you don’t do anything in half measures!

  10. I only got 2 boxes, because I knew they’d be trouble… That whole “in moderation” thing just flies right out the window with things like this!