Overnight Number = Very Important

It is always hard to start the day off with a crappy number. Lows I can deal with Ok (most of the time – IF I can avoid the rebound thing), but highs seem to start me off on an especially sucky note – which I fight with for a good portion of the day.

Not to mention being high makes me very sleepy, more prone to snacking and just generally gives me the blues.

Sleeping MoonYour nighttime BG value is where you are for around 1/3 of a 24 hour period – and it’s a pretty easy number to maintain – you’re sleeping! Some variables still exist – carryover from your evening activities, but the number of variables is by far much less than during the course of an average day.

What other 8 hour period of the day can you avoid stress, eating, bolusing and exercise?

So another thing I’m going to focus on is going to bed on target and waking up on target.

If your basal rate is good, this should almost be automatic! A problem for me with this is that I’m eating a meal and going to bed pretty close together. I think it was Keith who once said that going to bed with food in his stomach and insulin on board is usually not a good situation for him. With my routine I’m barely an hour into my food before I’m hitting the sack.

I think I’ll need to start bringing lunch AND dinner to work on my long days. I just want to try to have everything all flushed out before I go to bed. If I eat earlier (and don’t eat once I get home) I think I can pull it off.

Planning is the key.

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