So What Really Happened?

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I’m sorry – I lost this picture. Imagine a big bruise on my arm from the lab draw…

Take a look at that nice flat line staying in my target range for hours on end. Doesn’t that look nice? I mean, what more could you ask for??

How about an accurate reflection of what really happened with my blood sugar.

As I looked at the second test in that series, I just knew that it was not a very accurate picture of what really happened. I had a large meal shortly after the first test, so I just know that it spiked up shortly after.

I think that this is a perfect example of why finger pokes only catch a small amount of what really happens. Think about the charts that Wil showed from his Guardian RT CGMS system, with the wild up and down all over the place route that our blood sugar takes through the course of its day, showing how things really are. Or at least a better, more accurate picture of what really happens.

So what did I miss? I colored in a line that might better show what happened, or at least a guess at it. How can I really know with just finger sticks?

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Scott K. Johnson

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