Spring at Scott’s House

Ahhh, the snow has melted, the temperatures are creeping up, we’ve had some rainstorms, I heard someone mowing their lawn already. Yes, spring is here.

You’ll never guess what I found near the side door of my house the other day. See if you can pick it out of this picture:

Picture of my back sidewalk

What? You can’t see it? C’mon now – you mean your eyes can’t pick these things out from a mile away? Here’s a close up:

Closeup of the test strip outside

Yes folks, that would be a Another Used Test Strip.

I really can’t explain how this got out here – but somehow, buried under the layers of snow & ice, mixed in among the twigs and dirt, magically avoiding the temptation to stick to the underside of one of the many shoes & boots that walk along this path, we have an authentic AUTS.

When I saw it the other day, after the confused looks of “how in the hell did that get out here”, I just knew it was blogworthy and went to retrieve the camera. This time I spared you all the pain & suffering of using my famous cell phone camera, which I must admit was my first reaction.

Is there anywhere that is safe from the invasion of AUTS? I don’t think so.

Have a happy Monday everyone!

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5 thoughts on “Spring at Scott’s House

  1. Ha so great Scott… I find them everywhere too I am still laughing about how I found a test strip in the cats water bowl… but as time went on I have found everything in the cats water bowl my cat loves to just bring everything there ?? go figure Test strips syringe plunger, and my shoe insert was there this morning go figure. thanks for the laugh.